My name is Vijay and I've been practicing complimentary therapy for over eleven years. I take an holistic approach to health and wellness. I offer a tailored combination of intuitive massage and bodywork.

In addition to our physical anatomy we have an energy anatomy. I believe that as a Reiki Master with experience of kundalini energy I am able to sense blockages in the energy anatomy. Disturbances within the energy fields can result in adverse physical or emotional symptoms. The most common symptom being knots (trigger points). A trigger point is an area of a muscle (approx 60 cells) that may refer pain sensations to other parts of the body. By applying intuitive manual pressure to muscles that may have become tight or overused I facilitate the release of energy blockages at these trigger points and the surrounding area helping to restore the bodies natural balance and flow of life force energy (chi).


Shakti Wellness Programme
Over the years through my practice in massage, bodywork and healing I’ve recognised five key stages to feeling great.

In a sensitive and soothing environment, I will acknowledge any discomfort and make the primary intention to bring relief. Intuitively directed to areas of your body that indicate what is referred to as energy blockages/trigger points, I facilitate their release and seek to restore energy balance.

when a certain level of comfort is achieved, we then become more conscious of the relationship between body, mind and spirit. This renewed awareness brings a deeper appreciation for their unified role and connection to optimum wellness.

Once becoming conscious of you inner power (Shakti) you become more aware of your attitudes, emotions and perceptions. This awareness helps to empower us, revealing our true hidden strength. This strength drives the desire to improve ones quality of life.

Learning to find balance and stillness in every moment can be challenging. How you care for yourself physically and mentally can help ease the process. This may include making positive lifestyle changes. Our shakti can help us to overcome any mental, physical or energetic blockages that may be impeding our development.

From the balance and harmony in our energy systems (chakras), healthy lifestyle, and acceptance of our ‘I am’ presence, we become more aware of our true self and the present moment. With this renewed self awareness we eagerly embrace our health and wellness for a happier, more fulfilling quality of life, and thereby continue our journey toward healing and enlightenment.

You do enough, You are enough, You have enough, Relax